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Entry #3

The First Couple Days

2014-03-23 09:52:12 by DylantheChopz

After the first couple of days on Newgrounds I have gotten an incredible amount of both support and critques. TO THOSE WHO SAID MY WORKS ARE UNCOMPLETED THANK YOU FOR BEING HONEST. I am in school right now and most of this work came out of my current semester and i believe without putting yourself out there and taking heavy criticism, I will not be able to grow in my work.So again thank you for being so honest. 

THINGS I HAVE LEARNED: (More of a note to myself at this point, but read ahead if you wish)


I get it now that it has been beaten into me the last couple of days.



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2014-04-01 11:34:51

you have a lot of potential keep at it and you will get there